Kitten plays with Golden Retrievers

Sweet team 😻👍 The kitten is old enough now, brave and cheeky. In any case, Mia seems to be very happy about this new playmate 😁🐾❤Couldn’t stop smiling watching this! That kitten has been the most active and bold since the litter were born. Glad that Bailey has taught Mia to be gentle with kittens.Good morning Bailey! Good morning Mia! Have a beautiful day, and take good care of your new playmate!🐕 🐶 😸 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤In another video also I said this brownie is the naughtiest of all the kittens to all of you…have you’ll named them yet…plz update their names.😊if the kitten can play and dogs enjoy it too it shouldn’t be stoped but encouraged. Due to how many cute videos you will be able to post from their games.The kitten is about to move the play to the couch like Simon used to take on 3 miss Simon and his fake fall’s off the couch when he needed a break

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