Puppy Demands Attention from German Shepherd

I like the old videos of the little “floppy ear” together with Rocky🥰 her sounds and how she keeps touching him, so cute. But Rocky won’t play with her. He’d rather show Jessie his teeth 😉😄❤🐾That ostentative demanding yawn… LOL, nice to see our doggie is not the only one trying to manipulate us to pay him attention. 😀 Also interesting to see, how dog’s own kind really treat the needy ones. xDDDSeems like Jessica needs that pacifier lol. But so cute that she wants to play and Rocky is like try to take my ball and see what happens little girl!Look at all this adorable fluff, the gruff at times big brother, and little sweet pup, I can so see them, defending, hmmpf as a united fierce front and tag team defending the homestead, from bears, or sneaky squirrels, to that arch nemesis the mailman,..they are gonna be a great team, Godspeed, long healthy, happy life to them, all their kind and family,…The puppy is so cute chubby chubby and rocky is trying to keep his patience but Is gentle and vvv adorable both 😍🤩😁😁😁rocky n jessica, both are so cute and friendly… they’re enjoying each other’s company and getting engaged with the ball, rocky is insisting jessica to take the ball from rocky, but jessica isn’t interested to play with the ball; she is much more interested to make annoyed her bro…and trying to do the same…rocky sometimes showing his teeth to his sis but next moment he changes his face and shows patience to his sis jessica ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so nicely made the video of the two…it’s very enjoying to watch❤️❤️❤️thanks a lot for this funny video…regards to you🙏🙏

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